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2018 Dream Team

2018 Dream Team

Jake Berglund

Representing: Yulee

Favorite Team: Florida Gators

Why Jake is This Weeks MVP:

  • Jake was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemi last month and is now in remission.
  • He is the Yulee High School and Middle School Mascot, Buzz the Hornet!

Blake Dunham

Representing: St. Johns County

Favorite Team: Florida State Seminoles

Why Blake is This Weeks MVP:

  • Blake was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia 3 years ago after experiencing severe abdominal pain and appendicitis.
  • She completed the maintenance phase of her protocol late last year.

Jordyn Harris

Representing: Jacksonville (Ortega)

Favorite Team: Florida A&M Rattlers

Why Jordyn is This Weeks MVP:

  • Jordyn was diagnosed with atrioventricular septal defect days before her last birthday and was ordered to stop doing physical activity.
  • They have since repaired her heart and she is happily on the mend.

Deon Jordan

Representing: Camden County

Favorite Team: Florida Gators

Why Deon is This Weeks MVP:

  • Deon was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called craniopharyngioma.
  • He underwent an extreme amount of proton radiation at UF Health and is the ultimate Gators fan – he knows every statistics for every sport!

Hayes McIntyre

Representing: Yulee

Favorite Team: Ohio State Buckeyes

Why Hayes is This Weeks MVP:

  • Hayes was diagnosed with chordoma last year which is a type of cancer that occurs in the bones of the skull and spine.
  • After months of traveling the country for treatments, he’s glad to be home!

Camryn Naff

Representing: Intercoastal West

Favorite Team: Georgia Bulldogs

Why Camryn is This Weeks MVP:

  • Camryn is battling cystic fibrosis which makes it hard to absorb nutrients and fat while also making it difficult to breathe.
  • She takes up to 25 pills a day and completes chest physical therapy daily.

Jacob Sandoval

Representing: Jacksonville (Northside)

Favorite Team: New England Patriots

Why Jacob is This Weeks MVP:

  • Jacob was born with a rare genetic disorder known as brittle bone disease & has endured multiple fractures, surgeries, and health obstacles.
  • There is no cure, but he gets infusions that help strengthen bones and decrease pain.

Jacob Shedlin

Representing: St. Johns County

Favorite Team: Clemson Tigers

Why Jacob is This Weeks MVP:

  • Jacob was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor late last year.
  • After brain surgery, proton therapy & months of chemotherapy, he is proud to announce he has no evidence of disease.

Norah Sproles

Representing: Tallahassee

Favorite Team: Florida State Seminoles

Why Norah is This Weeks MVP:

  • Norah was born with the most severe form of spine bifida.
  • She was able to spend an entire week in Orlando at Give Kids The World last Christmas.

King Tatum

Representing: Jacksonville (Northside)

Favorite Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Why King is This Weeks MVP:

  • King was born 1 lb 14 oz at just 26 weeks
  • He  was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spent 2 months in the hospital before going home.

Payton Titus

Representing: Jacksonville (Arlington)

Favorite Team: Florida Gators

Why Payton is This Weeks MVP:

  • Payton was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma earlier this year after thinking she had a sports injury.
  • After months of intense chemo, Payton has been deemed cancer free!

Zion Williams

Representing: Jacksonville (Westside)

Favorite Team: Florida State Seminoles

Why Zion is This Weeks MVP:

  • Zion  was diagnosed with a germ-cell tumor commonly found in the brain called germinoma.
  • He finished up an intense proton therapy program at UF last year.