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Our Staff

Rick Catlett

Rick Catlett

President/CEO | | 904.798.5981

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: 65 years
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: Too many memories – being in Glendale at the 2007 National Championship watching the Gators beat Ohio State is one of the best!
Fun Fact: I was the Executive Vice President of Touchdown Jacksonville which was the ownership group that acquired the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Robert Leverock

Robert Leverock

Vice President/CFO | | 904.798.5984

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Years in Jacksonville: With the exception of 5 years in Lake City, Florida… all my life.
Favorite College Team: Florida State University
Best Football Memory: Attending Super Bowl XXXIX in my hometown.
Fun Fact: Became a college cheerleader after being recruited to play football at multiple schools, including Annapolis, West Point, and Yale.

Katie Cox

Katie Cox

Vice President of Marketing | | 904.798.5983

Hometown: Kiowa, KS
Years in Jacksonville: 12 years
Favorite College Team: I don’t have one (Go Denver Broncos)
Best Football Memory: The final occurrence of Brady versus Manning in the AFC Championship in 2016.
Fun Fact: Baking is my stress reliever – so when I bring treats to the office, it’s generally as a result of stress :)

Tom Norton

Tom Norton

Vice President of Events & Operations | | 904.798.5986

Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Years in Jacksonville: 9 years
Favorite College Team: Wake Forest
Best Football Memory: Attending the last Redskins game at RFK Stadium.
Fun Fact: I am the voice of the gates at TIAA Bank Field.

Bret Guice

Bret Guice

Director of Ticket Operations | | 904.798.5999

Hometown: Ruston, LA
Years in Jacksonville: 6
Favorite College Team: Louisiana Tech
Best Football Memory: So many to choose from – I would pick a memory from a game we lost.  We weren’t a very good team that year but we took a halftime lead on then #8 LSU in Death Valley on a jump pass from our running back (Daniel Porter) to our tight end (Dennis Morris) with 2 seconds remaining in the 2nd qtr.  We lost the game but I left the game feeling confident that one day I would witness LA Tech upsetting LSU.
Fun Fact: I spent a good bit of my college years painted blue at sporting events. It was fun to be there supporting my team in all sports.  But what I truly excelled at was talking trash to opposing coaches, players, and the refs.  I might have been ejected from a few sporting events while doing so.  And yes one of the games was a women’s basketball game.

Jodi Beere

Director of Corporate Membership | | 904.798.5985

Years in Jacksonville:
Favorite College Team:
Best Football Memory:
Fun Fact: 

Alex McGarity

Alex McGarity

Events Manager | | 904.798.5995

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: Five
Favorite College Team: University of Georgia
Best Football Memory: Going to last year’s Rose Bowl to see Georgia defeat Oklahoma.
Fun Fact: I attended four universities during my college career.

T.R. Rhodes

Membership Manager | | 904.798.5989

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Years in Jacksonville: Less than a year, just moved here!

Favorite College Team: Florida State University

Best Football Memory: Florida State winning the National Championship in 2013. I was a freshman and when they scored the last two touchdowns I ran out of my dorm and down the hall hugged an random guy doing the same thing and went back to my room.

Fun Fact: I was an intern for the Washington Nationals during the 2018 All-Star game season. In my spare time I like to take photos.

Kayla Vanderlaan

Kayla Vanderlaan

Marketing & Charities Manager | | 904.798.5998

Hometown: Newton, Iowa
Years in Jacksonville: 3 years
Favorite College Team: Iowa Hawkeyes
Best Football Memory: The Iowa-Iowa State game every year & my very first Florida-Georgia game (SEC Football Fans are CRAZY!)
Fun Fact: I’m an avid Netflix Binger :)

Ashley Wehrkamp

Ashley Wehrkamp

Marketing & Communications Manager | | 904.798.5993

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Years in Jacksonville: 1 year
Favorite College Team: Notre Dame & South Carolina (Football), Duke (Basketball)
Best Football Memory: Going to Notre Dame Games with my dad & working the 2016 CFP Playoff – Washington vs. Alabama
Fun Fact: I like to travel.

Jordan Allerding

Jordan Allerding

Corporate & Group Sales Manager | | 904.798.5992

Hometown: Born in Denver, CO but call Jax my hometown
Years in Jacksonville: 29
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: I went to the Maryland v Texas football game in 2017 with a pre-game tour & VIP field passes. Football in Texas is like no other!
Fun Fact: I was a 4 year college soccer athlete at UNF.

Terry Catlett

Terry Catlett

Account Executive | | 904.798.5987

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: 65 years
Favorite College Team: Georgia Bulldogs
Best Football Memory: 1980 Georgia-Florida game; 1:32 left in the game – 93 yard touchdown pass – Miracle on Duval Street!
Fun Fact: I was a PGA Tour Player!

2018 Interns

Tiffani Byers

Marketing Intern | | 904.798.5988

Hometown: Cocoa, Florida
Favorite College Team: Tennessee Volunteers
Best Football Memory: Going to the annual FSU High School Band Day Game all four years of my High School Career.
Fun Fact: I’m both an Animal and Nature enthusiast.

Sheen Hahn

Ticketing Intern | | 904.380.4301

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Favorite College Team: University of Florida
Best Football Memory: : I have a very old, hazy childhood memory of going to a Dallas Cowboys football game. I didn’t really understand the sport too well then, but I remember loving the atmosphere and the energy in the stadium. I don’t remember which game it was or even what year (between 1999 and 2001), but it’s still a fond memory that makes me feel fuzzy inside when I look back on it.
Fun Fact: I learned how to swim a week before I learned how to scuba dive.

Kourtney Keegan

Marketing Intern | | 904.798.5991

Hometown: Born in Chicago, lived most of my life in Roswell, Georgia
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: When my brother was in elementary school, his football team came back from a 5 touchdown deficit. On one of the touchdowns, my brother ran the ball into the endzone after having lost his shoe.
Fun Fact: Won a National Championship with the Florida Gators Tennis Team as well as an individual title with my doubles partner. Also played in the US Open.

Brandon Williams

 Corporate Development Intern| | 904.798.5994

Hometown: Ocala, Florida
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: Attending the 2006 National Championship game with my dad to watch the Gators upset the Ohio State Buckeyes in major fashion.
Fun Fact: I’m a world traveler even visiting China at one point.

Bryce Williams

Volunteer/Hospitality Intern | | 904.798.5997

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: Will Grier and the Gators were down to their last play, and converted for a long touchdown on 4th down to Antonio Callaway to beat Tennessee. I have been to many Gator games in the swamp, none more crazy or louder than this moment
Fun Fact: I have been classically trained on the piano since I was six.