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Our Staff

Rick Catlett

Rick Catlett

President/CEO | | 904.798.5981

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: 65 years
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: Too many memories – being in Glendale at the 2007 National Championship watching the Gators beat Ohio State is one of the best!
Fun Fact: I was the Executive Vice President of Touchdown Jacksonville which was the ownership group that acquired the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Robert Leverock

Robert Leverock

Vice President/CFO | | 904.798.5984

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Years in Jacksonville: With the exception of 5 years in Lake City, Florida… all my life.
Favorite College Team: Florida State University
Best Football Memory: Attending Super Bowl XXXIX in my hometown.
Fun Fact: Became a college cheerleader after being recruited to play football at multiple schools, including Annapolis, West Point, and Yale.

Katie Cox

Katie Cox

Vice President of Marketing | | 904.798.5983

Hometown: Kiowa, KS
Years in Jacksonville: 12 years
Favorite College Team: I don’t have one (Go Denver Broncos)
Best Football Memory: The final occurrence of Brady versus Manning in the AFC Championship in 2016.
Fun Fact: Baking is my stress reliever – so when I bring treats to the office, it’s generally as a result of stress :)

Tom Norton

Tom Norton

Vice President of Events & Operations | | 904.798.5986

Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Years in Jacksonville: 9 years
Favorite College Team: Wake Forest
Best Football Memory: Attending the last Redskins game at RFK Stadium.
Fun Fact: I am the voice of the gates at TIAA Bank Field.

Bret Guice

Bret Guice

Director of Ticket Operations | | 904.798.5999

Hometown: Ruston, LA
Years in Jacksonville: 6
Favorite College Team: Louisiana Tech
Best Football Memory: So many to choose from – I would pick a memory from a game we lost.  We weren’t a very good team that year but we took a halftime lead on then #8 LSU in Death Valley on a jump pass from our running back (Daniel Porter) to our tight end (Dennis Morris) with 2 seconds remaining in the 2nd qtr.  We lost the game but I left the game feeling confident that one day I would witness LA Tech upsetting LSU.
Fun Fact: I spent a good bit of my college years painted blue at sporting events. It was fun to be there supporting my team in all sports.  But what I truly excelled at was talking trash to opposing coaches, players, and the refs.  I might have been ejected from a few sporting events while doing so.  And yes one of the games was a women’s basketball game.

Jodi Beere

Director of Corporate Membership | | 904.798.5985

Hometown: Cranston, RI
Years in Jacksonville: 35
Favorite College Team: Florida State Seminoles
Best Football Memory: One of my favorite memories of college football is working my first TaxSlayer Bowl game in 2015. Watching the fans come pouring in the gates welcomed by the TaxSlayer Bowl Committee in their green jackets is imprinted on my mind – the excitement of the fans and the hospitality of the Committee was extraordinary!
Fun Fact: I’m normally a fairly self-conscious person unless… I’m on the dance floor, then look out – I LOVE to dance!

Brian DeLettre

Media Contact | brian@taxslayergatorbowl.com904.798.5982

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Years in Jacksonville: 35 (born and raised here!)
Favorite College Team: Florida State
Best Football Memory: Being at the FSU/UF game in 1994 when FSU rallied with 28 4th quarter points.
Fun Fact: I’ve watched a few minutes of Notre Dame Football with Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda.

Alex McGarity

Alex McGarity

Events Manager | | 904.798.5995

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: Five
Favorite College Team: University of Georgia
Best Football Memory: Going to last year’s Rose Bowl to see Georgia defeat Oklahoma.
Fun Fact: I attended four universities during my college career.

T.R. Rhodes

Membership & Hospitality Manager | | 904.798.5989

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Years in Jacksonville: Less than a year, just moved here!

Favorite College Team: Florida State University

Best Football Memory: Florida State winning the National Championship in 2013. I was a freshman and when they scored the last two touchdowns I ran out of my dorm and down the hall hugged an random guy doing the same thing and went back to my room.

Fun Fact: I was an intern for the Washington Nationals during the 2018 All-Star game season. In my spare time I like to take photos.

Kayla Vanderlaan

Kayla Vanderlaan

Marketing & Charities Manager | | 904.798.5998

Hometown: Newton, Iowa
Years in Jacksonville: 3 years
Favorite College Team: Iowa Hawkeyes
Best Football Memory: The Iowa-Iowa State game every year & my very first Florida-Georgia game (SEC Football Fans are CRAZY!)
Fun Fact: I’m an avid Netflix Binger :)

Ashley Wehrkamp

Ashley Wehrkamp

Marketing & Communications Manager | | 904.798.5993

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Years in Jacksonville: 1 year
Favorite College Team: Notre Dame & South Carolina (Football), Duke (Basketball)
Best Football Memory: Going to Notre Dame Games with my dad & working the 2016 CFP Playoff – Washington vs. Alabama
Fun Fact: I like to travel.

Jordan Allerding

Jordan Allerding

Corporate & Group Sales Manager | | 904.798.5992

Hometown: Born in Denver, CO but call Jax my hometown
Years in Jacksonville: 29
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: I went to the Maryland v Texas football game in 2017 with a pre-game tour & VIP field passes. Football in Texas is like no other!
Fun Fact: I was a 4 year college soccer athlete at UNF.

Terry Catlett

Terry Catlett

Account Executive | | 904.798.5987

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: 65 years
Favorite College Team: Georgia Bulldogs
Best Football Memory: 1980 Georgia-Florida game; 1:32 left in the game – 93 yard touchdown pass – Miracle on Duval Street!
Fun Fact: I was a PGA Tour Player!

2018 Interns

Tiffani Byers

Marketing Intern | | 904.798.5988

Hometown: Cocoa, Florida
Favorite College Team: Tennessee Volunteers
Best Football Memory: Going to the annual FSU High School Band Day Game all four years of my High School Career.
Fun Fact: I’m both an Animal and Nature enthusiast.

Sheen Hahn

Ticketing Intern | | 904.380.4301

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Favorite College Team: University of Florida
Best Football Memory: : I have a very old, hazy childhood memory of going to a Dallas Cowboys football game. I didn’t really understand the sport too well then, but I remember loving the atmosphere and the energy in the stadium. I don’t remember which game it was or even what year (between 1999 and 2001), but it’s still a fond memory that makes me feel fuzzy inside when I look back on it.
Fun Fact: I learned how to swim a week before I learned how to scuba dive.

Kourtney Keegan

Marketing Intern | | 904.798.5991

Hometown: Born in Chicago, lived most of my life in Roswell, Georgia
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: When my brother was in elementary school, his football team came back from a 5 touchdown deficit. On one of the touchdowns, my brother ran the ball into the endzone after having lost his shoe.
Fun Fact: Won a National Championship with the Florida Gators Tennis Team as well as an individual title with my doubles partner. Also played in the US Open.

Brandon Williams

 Corporate Development Intern| | 904.798.5994

Hometown: Ocala, Florida
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: Attending the 2006 National Championship game with my dad to watch the Gators upset the Ohio State Buckeyes in major fashion.
Fun Fact: I’m a world traveler even visiting China at one point.

Bryce Williams

Volunteer/Hospitality Intern | | 904.798.5997

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Favorite College Team: Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: Will Grier and the Gators were down to their last play, and converted for a long touchdown on 4th down to Antonio Callaway to beat Tennessee. I have been to many Gator games in the swamp, none more crazy or louder than this moment
Fun Fact: I have been classically trained on the piano since I was six.