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Our Staff

Greg McGarity

President/CEO | E-mail Greg | Call Greg

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: Less than a year!
Favorite College Team: Georgia Bulldogs & Florida Gators
Best Football Memory: Too many to count – the 2019 Georgia-Notre Dame Game & 1996 National Championship Game at Florida being some of the most memorable!
Fun Fact: I was a member of the ‘Aisle 10 Crew’ at UGA!

Robert Leverock

Robert Leverock

Vice President/CFO | E-mail Robert | Call Robert

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Years in Jacksonville: With the exception of 5 years in Lake City, Florida… all my life.
Favorite College Team: Florida State University
Best Football Memory: Attending Super Bowl XXXIX in my hometown.
Fun Fact: I became a college cheerleader after being recruited to play football at multiple schools, including Annapolis, West Point, and Yale.

Katie Cox

Katie Cox

Vice President of Marketing | E-mail Katie | Call Katie

Hometown: Kiowa, KS
Years in Jacksonville: 14 years
Favorite College Team: I don’t have one (Go Denver Broncos)
Best Football Memory: The final occurrence of Brady versus Manning in the AFC Championship in 2016.
Fun Fact: Baking is my stress reliever – so when I bring treats to the office, it’s generally as a result of stress :)

Alex McGarity

Alex McGarity

Events Manager | E-mail Alex | Call Alex

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: Seven
Favorite College Team: University of Georgia
Best Football Memory: Going to last year’s Rose Bowl to see Georgia defeat Oklahoma.
Fun Fact: I attended four universities during my college career.

Kayla Vanderlaan

Marketing & Charities Manager | E-mail Kayla | Call Kayla

Hometown: Newton, Iowa
Years in Jacksonville: 6 years
Favorite College Team: Iowa Hawkeyes
Best Football Memory: The Iowa-Iowa State game every year & my very first Florida-Georgia game (SEC Football Fans are CRAZY!)
Fun Fact: I once scored the game winning touchdown in pee-wee football… after I scored all of the boys dog-piled on me in the end zone, I walked off the field yelling at them and never returned…my on-field football career ended there!

Terry Catlett

Terry Catlett

Account Executive | E-mail Terry | Call Terry

Hometown: Athens, GA
Years in Jacksonville: 67 years
Favorite College Team: Georgia Bulldogs
Best Football Memory: 1980 Georgia-Florida game; 1:32 left in the game – 93 yard touchdown pass – Miracle on Duval Street!
Fun Fact: I was a PGA Tour Player!

Lee Broaddus

Marketing & Creative Services Intern | E-mail Lee | Call Lee

Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, FL
Years in Jacksonville: Moved here at the beginning of August
Favorite College Team: Florida State Seminoles
Best Football Memory: My high school football team beating our cross-town rivals all four years.
Fun Fact: Right-hander that swings left-handed & part of a 3x State Championship Weightlifting team in high school!

Sarah Gilpin

Corporate Development Intern | E-mail Sarah | Call Sarah

Hometown: Neptune Beach, FL
Years in Jacksonville: My Whole Life
Favorite College Team: Georgia Bulldogs
Best Football Memory: Georgia beating Notre Dame in Athens!
Fun Fact: I raised a Guide Dog.

Aaron Oppelt

Membership & Volunteers Intern | E-mail Aaron | Call Aaron

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Years in Jacksonville: 20
Favorite College Team: Florida State
Best Football Memory: Watching Oregon beat Wisconsin in the 2012 Rose Bowl
Fun Fact: I was born in Eugene, Oregon.

Donovan Small

Ticketing & Finance | E-mail Donovan | Call Donovan

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Years in Jacksonville: 0 (First Year)
Favorite College Team: Kentucky Wildcats
Best Football Memory: My entire senior year season. Our team went undefeated!
Fun Fact: I’ve lived in six different cities so far in my life!

Megan Smith

Marketing & Community Relations | E-mail Megan| Call Megan

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario
Years in Jacksonville: 0
Favorite College Team: Mercer University
Best Football Memory: TBD — Probably this year’s TaxSlayer Gator Bowl :)
Fun Fact: One of the things on my Bucket List is to travel to Africa for a year on a volunteer trip!

Mr. Tax

Mascot | E-mail Mr. Tax

Hometown: Refund Rhodes, GA
Years in Jacksonville: Eleven
Favorite College Team: I don’t choose favorites.
Best Football Memory: Hanging out with my bestie, PATCHES, on the sideline every year at the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl!


Mascot | E-mail PATCHES

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Years in Jacksonville: Since 1946
Favorite College Team: Not to choose faves, but IYKYK!
Best Football Memory: Spending time with all of the fanbases throughout the years!