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DuPont Middle School 5000 Role Models

DuPont Middle School 5000 Role Models of Excellence Program

What is the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Program?

The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project aims to intervene in the lives of at-risk minority male youth  grades 6-12 in an effort to provide them with positive role models and experiences that will empower them to make good choices and encourage healthy living, responsibility, respect, and achievement.  Expected outcomes include improved academic performance, reduced truancy, fewer referrals and suspensions, and increased pathways to success through mentoring and diverse experiences.


What is JAXSPORTS involvement?

JAXSPORTS has adopted the 5000 Role Models program at DuPont Middle School. Our goal is to assist in providing educational experiences regarding sports throughout the year including a college campus visit, stadium tour, athlete talk, and a sports career fair.



Athlete Talk

Campus Tour

Sports Career Fair

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