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1970’s Game History

January 2, 1971

Auburn vs. Mississippi

Once again, a Heisman trophy winner took the field in Jacksonville. This time, it was Pat Sullivan, Auburn’s gunslinging quarterback. Both teams were handicapped by illness. But, not the players. Auburn’s head coach Ralph “Shug” Jordan was recovering from an appendectomy, and John Vaught of Ole Miss from a heart attack. Auburn was quick to jump out to a 21-0 lead. Ole Miss legend Archie Manning got the Rebs back on track with two second quarter touchdowns, one on the ground and one through the air. Ole Miss quarterback Spud Chumbler would come on for the weary Archie Manning and score two touchdowns of his own in the second half. However, the Auburn Tigers would hold on to a close 35-28 victory.


MVP: Pat Sullivan (QB, Auburn), Archie Manning (QB, Mississippi)

Coaches: Ralph “Shug” Jordan (Auburn), John Vaught (Mississippi)

Total Payout: $423,092

Attendance: 71,136

Chairman: L.C. Ringhaver

Network: NBC

All-Americans: Terry Beasley (WR, Auburn), Pat Sullivan (QB, Auburn), Larry Willingham (DB, Auburn) Glen Cannon (DB, Mississippi)

Awards: Pat Sullivan (QB, Auburn) Heisman Memorial Trophy (Outstanding College Football Player)

Auburn-35      Mississippi-28

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Mississippi 0 14 7 7 28
Auburn 14 7 14 0 35

AU-Terry Beasley, 12-yd. pass from Pat Sullivan (Gardner Jett kick) — AU-Alvin Bresler, 7-yd. pass from Sullivan (Jett kick) — AU-Sullivan, 37-yd. run (Jett kick) — UM-Archie Manning, 1-yd. run (Jim Poole kick) — UM-Floyd Franks, 34-yd. pass from Manning (Poole kick) — AU-Micky Zofko, 6-yd. run (Jett kick) — UM-Poole, 23-yd. pass from Shug Chumbler (Poole kick) — AU-Larry Willingham, 55-yd. punt return (Jett kick) — UM-Chumbler, 1-yd. run (Poole kick)

Ole Miss Auburn
First Downs 21 23
Rushes/Yards 38-209 40-208
Passing Yards 256 351
Passes 23-39-1 27-44-1
Total Offense 465 559
Punts/Average 6-47.3 4-40.5
Fumbles/Lost 3-2 5-3
Penalties/Yards 2-13 6-63

Rushing: UM-Archie Manning 11-95, Greg Ainsworth 11-68, Jim Porter 6-31, Randy Reed 4-16, Bob Knight 1-5, Gerald Havard 1-0, Shug Chumbler 4-(minus 6). AU-Wallace Clark 14-108, Pat Sullivan 10-35, Harry Unger 2-34, Mickey Zofko 11- 23, Terry Beasley 1-4, Tommy Lowry 2-4.

Passing: UM-Archie Manning 19-28-1, 180 yards, Shug Chumbler 4-11-0, 76 yards. AU-Pat Sullivan 27-43-1, 351 yards, Mickey Zofko 0-1-0, 0 yards.

Receiving: UM-Jim Poole 9-111, Floyd Franks 7-78, Vernon Studdard 4-48, Greg Ainsworth 3-19. AU-Terry Beasley 8-143, Wallace Clark 7-23, Alvin Bresler 4-102, Ronnie Ross 4-37, Mickey Zofko 2-16, Tommy Lowry 1-25, Dick Schmalz 1-5.


December 31, 1971

Georgia vs. North Carolina

The second game of the year 1971 had one of the most enticing sub-plots of any bowl game in history. Head Coach Vince Dooley led his Georgia Bulldogs in a skirmish with his younger brother, Head Coach Bill Dooley of North Carolina. The two teams were known for their stellar defense, but no one would predict it to be the second lowest-scoring game in Gator Bowl history. Neither team managed to put points on the board in the first half. The game’s first score came from 35 yards out on a field goal by the Tarheels’ Ken Craven. Georgia was finally able to answer as Jimmy Poulos took a 25 yard run to paydirt. This proved to be the final score of the game, in a matchup that saw 19 combined punts. The older brother left victorious in a 7-3 victory for the Bulldogs.


MVP: Jimmy Poulos (TB, Georgia), Jimmy Webster (LB, North Carolina)

Coaches: Vince Dooley (Georgia), Bill Dooley (North Carolina)

Total Payout: $482,404

Attendance: 71,208

Chairman: W.W. Gay

Network: NBC

All Americans: Buddy Burris (G, Oklahoma)

Georgia-7    North Carolina-0

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Georgia 0 0 7 0 7
North Carolina 0 0 3 0 3

UNC-Ken Craven, 35-yd. field goal — UG-Jimmy Poulos, 25-yd. run (Kim Braswell kick)

Georgia North Carolina
First Downs 13 9
Rushes/Yards 51-238 51-115
Passing Yards 84 66
Passes 6-17-0 6-14-1
Total Offense 322 181
Punts/Average 10-34.8 10-46.6
Fumbles/Lost 2-1 2-1
Penalties/Yards 5-29 3-15

Rushing: UG-Jimmy Poulos 20-161, Andy Johnson 19-50, Hal Bissell 3-11, Lynn Hunnicut 5-10, Ricky Lake 2-7, James Ray 1-3, Jimmy Shirer 1-(minus 4). UNC-Lewis Jolley 20-77, Geof Hamlin 5-17, Bill Sigler 3-7, Paul Miller 20-7, Tim Kirkpatrick 1-4,Billy hite 1-2, Ted Leverenz 1-1.

Passing: UG-Andy Johnson 6-13-0, 84 yards, James Ray 0-4-0, 0 yards. UNC-Paul Miller 6-14-1, 66 yards.

Receiving: UG-Lynn Hunnicut 4-58, Mike Greene 1-26, Jimmy Shirer 1-0. UNC-Bill Sigler 2-32, Lewis Jolley 2-9, Johnny Cowell 1-19, Ted Leverenz 1-6.

December 30, 1972

Auburn vs. Colorado

A familiar face to the Gator Bowl, Ralph “Shug” Jordan returned for his fifth time. This time, it was to face the near two-touchdown favorite Colorado Buffaloes. Colorado were on the receiving end of even higher odds when Auburn’s starting quarterback Randy Wells was sidelined by a freak injury in practice. However, Auburn’s defense came to play. The Tigers held Colorado run game to 63 total yards, after they averaged 250 per game during the regular season. The Buffaloes were only able to manage a field goal in the final quarter of the game. Auburn was able to defy all odds and sneak out of Jacksonville with a convincing 24-3 victory.


MVP: Wade Whatley (QB, Auburn), Mark Cooney (DT, Colorado)

Coaches: Ralph “Shug” Jordan (Auburn), Eddie Crowder (Colorado)

Total Payout: $467,569

Attendance: 71,214

Chairman: Dick Stratton

Network: ABC

All-Americans: Bud Magrum (LB, Colorado), Cullen Bryant (DB, Colorado)

Auburn-24       Colorado-3

1 2 3 4 Total
Auburn 0 10 7 7 24
Colorado 0 0 0 3 3

AU-Gardner Jett, 27-yd. field goal — AU-Wade Whatley, 1-yd. run (Jett Kick) — AU-Rob Spivey, 22-yd pass from Mike Fuller (Jett kick) — CU-Fred Lima, 33-yd. field goal — AU-Dan Nugent, 16-yd. pass from Dave Beck (Jett kick)

Colorado Auburn
First Downs 14 13
Rushes/Yards 29-63 58-153
Passing Yards 204 80
Passes 20-33-2 5-8-0
Total Offense 267 233
Punts/Average 5-39.8 7-40.7
Fumbles/Lost 3-2 3-1
Penalties/Yards 5-47 4-30

Rushing: CU-Bo Matthews 8-34, Charlie Davis 14-12, Ken Johnson 6-10, Gary Campbell 1-7. AU-Rusty Fuller 12-72, Chris Linderman 15-37, Terry Henly 18-24, Wade Whatley 13-20.

Passing: CU-Ken Johnson 17-29-2, 169 yards, Joe Duenas 3-4-0, 35 yards. AU-Wade Whatley 3-6-0, 42 yards, Mike Fuller 1-1-0, 22 yards, Dave Beck 1-1-0, 16 yards.

Receiving: CU-Charlie Davis 7-10, J.V. Cain 4-45, Jon Keyworth 3-55, Rick Elwood 3-49, Ozell Collier 2-43, Gary Campbell 1-2. AU-Rob Spivey 1-22, Sandy Cannon 1-17, Dan Nugent 1-16, Terry Henley 1-13, Mike Gates 1-12.

December 29, 1973

Texas Tech vs. Tennessee

The 1973 game was the first to be played at nighttime. The matchup between Texas Tech and Tennessee was televised at primetime on ABC. The two teams, who were no strangers to Jacksonville, combined for an impressive 773 yards of combined offense. Red Raiders’ quarterback Joe Barnes threw for two touchdowns and tacked on another with his feet. Haskel Stanback combated with two touchdowns of his own, but that would only make the loss look more respectable. The Texans left Jacksonville with a 28-19 victory.


MVP: Joe Barnes (QB, Texas Tech), Haskel Stanback (TB, Tennessee)

Coaches: Jim Carlen (Texas Tech), Bill Battle (Tennessee)

Total Payout: $426,829

Attendance: 62,109

Chairman: Gordon Thompson

Network: ABC

All-Americans: Ricky Townsend (K, Tennessee), Andre Tillman (TE, Texas Tech)

Texas Tech-28            Tennesee-19

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Texas Tech 7 7 7 7 28
Tennessee 0 3 10 6 19

TT-Joe Barnes, 7-yd. run (Don Grimes kick) — TT-Lawrence Williams, 79-yd. pass from Barnes (Grimes kick) — UT-Ricky Townsend, 30-yd. field goal) — UT-Haskel Stanback, 5-yd. run (Townsend kick) — TT-Andre Tillman, 7-yd. pass from Barnes (Grimes kick) — UT-Townsend, 37-yd. field goal) — UT-Stanback, 7-yd. pass from Condredge Holloway (pass failed) — TT-Larry Isaac, 3-yd. run (Grimes kick)

Texas Tech Tennessee
First Downs 19 18
Rushes/Yards 55/276 44/153
Passing Yards 154 190
Passes 8-11-0 17-28-1
Total Offense 430 343
Punts/Average 6-40.9 4-40.5
Fumbles/Lost 3-1 11
Penalties/Yards 5-55 1-3

Rushing: TT-James Mosley 8-85, Joe Barnes 16-73, Larry Isaac 19-67, John Garner 5-25, George Smith 4-20, Jimmy Williams 3-6. UT-Haskel Stanback 19-95, Steve Chancey 11-53, Bill Rudder 3-8, Paul Careathers 1-1, Stanley Morgan 1-(minus 1), Condredge Holloway 14-(minus 3).

Passing: TT-Joe Barnes 8-11-0, 154 yards. UT-Condredge Holloway 17-27-1, 190 yards, Chip Howard 0-1-0,0 yards.

Receiving: TT-Lawrence Williams 3-94, Andre Tillman 2-30, Calvin Jones 2-25, larry Isaac 1-5. UT-John Yarbrough 4-28, Chip howard 3-18, Tommy West 2-37, Emmon Love 2-36, Steve Chancey 2-12, Stanley Morgan 1-27, Bill Rudder 1-24, Haskel Stanback 1-7, Paul Careathers 1-1

December 29, 1974

Auburn vs. Texas

Ralph “Shug” Jordan led his team to his sixth and final Gator Bowl, one that would be considered as one of the sloppiest Gator Bowls in its 30-year history. The Tigers and the Longhorns combined for 14 total turnovers, seven by each team. The wet conditions of the field certainly did neither team any favors. However, the Tigers of Auburn were able to overcome the terrain difficultes and squeeze out 27 points, compared to Texas’s 3. The Tigers were able to hold Heisman Trophy winning running back Earl Campbell to 91 yards with no scores. Auburn quarterback Phil Gargis produced 111 yards of offense and two touchdowns to lead his team to victory.


MVP: Phil Gargis (QB, Auburn), Earl Campbell (RB, Texas)

Coaches: Ralph “Shug” Jordan (Auburn), Darrell Royal (Texas)

Total Payout: $468,028

Attendance: 63,811

Chairman: Peter Kirill

Network: ABC

All-Americans: Ken Bernich (LB, Auburn), Marty Akins (QB, Texas), Earl Campbell (RB, Texas), Doug English (DT, Texas), Brad Shearer (DT, Texas), Bob Simmons (OT, Texas)

Awards: Earl Campbell (RB, Texas) Heisman Memorial Trophy (Outstanding College Football Player)

Auburn-27            Texas-3

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Texas 3 0 0 0 3
Auburn 14 2 0 11 27

AU-Ed Butler, 7-yd. pass from Phil Gargis (Chris Wilson kick) — AU-Mitzi Jackson, 2-yd. run (Wilson kick) — UT-Billy Schott, 35-yd. field goal — AU-Safety — AU-Butler, 14-yd. pass from Gargis (Dan Nugent pass from Gargis) — AU-Wilson, 28-yd. field goal

Texas Auburn
First Downs 14 19
Rushes/Yards 49-203 60-256
Passing Yards 98 70
Passes 10-21-3 7-13-2
Total Offense 301 326
Punts/Average 4-28.8 2-45.5
Fumbles/Lost 5-4 7-5
Penalties/Yards 5-37 6-70

Rushing: UT-Earl Campbell 23-91, Marty Atkins 11-40, Gralyn Wyatt 5-33, Raymond Clayburn 5-21, Jimmy Walker 1-13, Tommy Ingram 1-13, Mike Presley 3-2. AU-Secdrick McIntyre 19-89, Mitzi Jackson 10-64, Phil Gargis 14-51, Rick Neel 6-24, Kenny Burks 4-16, Mike Henley 1-5, Mike Gates 1-4, Rick Harbuck 1-3, Harry Ward 1-2, Chris Vacarella 3-(minus 2).

Passing: UT-Marty Atkins 9-16-1, 70 yards, Mike Presley 1-5-2, 28 yards. AU-Phil Gargis 6-11-2, 60 yards, Chris Vacarella 1-1-0, 10 yards, Rick Neel 0-1-0, 0 yards.

Receiving: UT-Raymond Clayburn 3-16, Tommy Ingram 2-17, Pat Padgett 2-15, Thompson 1-28, Joe Samford 1-14, Gralyn Wyatt 1-8. AU-Dan Nugent 2-22, Ed Butler 2-21, Rick Neel 1-15, Mike Henley 1-10, Thomas Gossom 1-2.

December 29, 1975

Maryland vs. Florida

The 1975 game was a humbling one for the hometown favorite Florida Gators.

Florida could not manage to get anything going offensively producing a dismal 210 yards in the whole game. Maryland, who were not seen worthy to share the same turf as the Gators smoked them in every category across the board. Some would say the Gators had it coming to them after they were said to have put the Terrapins on the same level as high school teams. Terps running back Steve Akins would have none of that as he ran for 127 yards on only 20 tries. The Gators only completed 3 passes the entire game. Maryland incomprehensibly beat the Gators 13-0, making Florida only the fourth team on Gator Bowl history to be blanked.


MVP: Steve Akins (RB, Maryland), Sammy Green (LB, Florida)

Coaches: Jerry Claiborne (Maryland), Doug Dickey (Florida)

Total Payout: $469,891

Attendance: 64,012

Chairman: Wesley C. Paxson

Network: ABC

All-Americans: Sammy Green (LB, Florida), Joe Campbell (DT, Maryland)

Maryland-13            Florida-0

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Maryland 7 3 0 3 13
Florida 0 0 0 0 0

UM-Kim Hoover, 19-yd. pass from Larry Dick (Mike Sochko kick) UM-Sochiko, 20-yd. field goal — UM-Sochko, 27-yd. field goa

Maryland Florida
First Downs 15 14
Rushes/Yards 52-209 54-182
Passing Yards 82 28
Passes 7-16-0 3-19-3
Total Offense 291 210
Punts/Average 7-39.8 7-38.5
Fumbles/Lost 0-0 1-1
Penalties/Yards 5-47 6-48

Rushing: UM-Steve Atkins 20-127, Richard Jennings 9-53, Tim WIlson 10-33, Dan De Carlo 2-10, Jamie Franklin 2-4, John Schultz 1-0, Mark Manges 4-(minus 3), Larry Dick 4-(minus 15). UF-Jimmy DuBose 18-95, Tony Green 13-31, Jimmy Fisher 6-21, Don Gaffney 9-13, Willie Wilder 2-9, Larry Brinson 2-6, James Richards 2-5, Earl Carr 1-2.

Passing: UM-Larry Dick 5-13-0, 67 yards, Mark Manges 2-3-0, 15 yards. UF-Jimmy Fisher 2-12-1, 33 yards, Don Gaffney 1-7-2, (minus 5) yards.

Receiving: UM-Kim Hoover 2-24, Tim Wilson 2-21, Richard Jennings 2-15, Steve Atkins 1-21. UF-Terry LeCount 1-25, Ron Enclade 1-8, James Richards 1-(minus 5).

December 27, 1976

Notre Dame vs. Penn State


For the first time in the 32 year history of the Gator Bowl, the game did not feature a team from the South. However, surprising to some, nearly 70,000 fans still filled the seats. It did not hurt that Notre Dame, the biggest college football powerhouse of all time, was one of the Northern teams. It also did not hurt that Penn State, a Gator Bowl favorite, was the other. Notre Dame, who alone had 8 All-Americans on the field, set the tempo early with 20 first half points. The Irish then let their defense do the rest as they held Penn State to only three points for the first three quarters. By the time the Nittany Lions scored their only touchdown, Notre Dame fans were already celebrating.  Al Hunter ran for 102 yards and two scores to carry the Irish to triumph. The game featured 14 total All-Americans.


MVP: Al Hunter (HB, Maryland), Jimmy Cefalo (FL, Penn State)

Coaches: Dan Devine (Notre Dame), Joe Paterno (Penn State)

Total Payout: $501,325

Attendance: 67,837

Chairman: John F. Lanahan

Network: ABC

All-Americans: Randy Sidler (MG, Penn State), Pete Harris (DB, Penn State), Chuck Fisina (QB, Penn State), Kurt Allerman (LB, Penn State), Keith Dorney (OT, Penn State), Matt Millen (DT, Penn State), Luther Bradley (DB, Notre Dame), Russ Browner (DE, Notre Dame), Vegas Ferguson (RB, Notre Dame), Tim Foley (OT, Notre Dame), Bob Golic (LB, Notre Dame), Dave Huffman (C, Notre Dame), Ken MacAfee (TE, Notre Dame), Scott Zetek (DL, Notre Dame)

Awards: Ross Browner (DE, Notre Dame) Outland Trophy (Outstanding Interior Lineman), Ross Browner (DE, Notre Dame) Vince Lombardi Trophy (Outstanding College Lineman), Ross Browner (DE, Notre Dame) Maxwell Award (Outstanding College Football Player), Chuck Fisina (QB, Penn State) Maxwell Award (Outstanding College Football Player)

Notre Dame-20            Penn State-9

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Penn State 3 0 0 6 9
Notre Dame 7 13 0 0 3

PSU-Tony Capozzolli, 26-yd field goal — ND-Al Hunter, 1-yd. run (Dave Reeve kick) — ND-Reeve, 23-yd field goal — ND-Hunter, 1-yd. run (Reeve kick) — ND-Reeve, 23-yd. field goal — PSU-Matt Suhey, 8-yd. pass from Chuck Fusina (run failed)

Penn State Notre Dame
First Downs 16 17
Rushes/Yards 40-156 48-132
Passing Yards 118 141
Passes 14-33-2 10-20-0
Total Offense 274 273
Punts/Average 5-29.2 5-33.2
Fumbles/Lost 4-1 2-0
Penalties/Yards 6-55 5-62

Rushing: PSU-Bob Torrey 12-63, Matt Suhey 9-40, Steve Geise 12-36, Jimmy Cefalo 3-18, Chuck Fusina 2-1, Mike Gruman 2-(minus 2). ND-Al Hunter 26-102, Vegas Ferguson 10-22, Willard Browner 3-10, Steve Orsini 3-7, Rick Slager 6-(minus 9).

Passing: PSU-Chuck Fusina 14-33-2, 118 yards. ND-Rick Slager 10-19-0, 141 yards, Willard Browner 0-1-0, 0 yards.

Receiving: PSU-Jimmy Cefalo 5-60, Bob Torrey 3-(minus 3), Matt Suhey 2-17, Rich Mauti 1-21, Tom Donovan 1-11, Mickey Shuler 1-10, Mike Guman 1-2. ND-Ken MacAfee 5-78, Dan Kelleher 3-46, Al Hunter 1-13, Steve Orsini 1-4.

December 20, 1977

Pittsburgh vs. Clemson

Pittsburgh was nothing less than spectacular in this crowd-friendly matchup. The game brought a record 72,297 to spectate. The issue for Pittsburgh being a majority of them were Clemson fans. Pitt used this only to fuel them as they exploded for 566 total yards and a record 30 first downs. Clemson only managed to score once nearly from midfield on a 49-yard field goal from Obed Ariri. Pitt’s Matt Cavanaugh threw for 387 yards and 4 touchdowns to shoulder his team’s offense and lead them to a win. The Gator Bowl, which was now widely recognized as the fifth best bowl game, was thriving.


MVP: Matt Cavanaugh (QB, Pittsburgh), Jerry Butler (SE, Clemson)

Coaches: Jackie Sherrill (Pittsburgh), Charlie Pell (Clemson)

Total Payout: $710,506

Attendance: 72,289

Chairman: James L. Ade

Network: ABC

All-Americans: Jim Bostic (OG, Clemson), Tom Brzoza (C, Pittsburgh), Matt Cavanaugh (QB, Pittsburgh), Randy Holloway (DT, Pittsburgh), Bob Jury (DB, Pittsburgh), Gordon Jones (WR, Pittsburgh)

Pittsburgh-34            Clemson-3

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Pittsburgh 10 7 7 10 34
Clemson 0 3 0 0 3

PIT-Walker, 39-yd. pass from Cavanaugh (Schubert kick) — PIT-Schubert, 24-yd. field goal — PIT-Walker, 10-yd. pass from Cavanaugh (Schubert kick) — CU-Ariri, 49-yd. field goal — PIT-Jones 10-yd. pass from Cavanaugh (Schubert kick) — PIT– Schubert, 21-yd. field goal — PIT-Walker, 25-yd. pass from Cavanaugh (Schubert kick)

Pittsburgh Clemson
First Downs 30 14
Rushes/Yards 51-179 36-110
Passing Yards 387 158
Passes 23-37-1 10-12-4
Total Offense 566 268
Punts/Average 3-43.5 4-33.3
Fumbles/Lost 5-1 1-0
Penalties/Yards 10-91 3-24

Rushing: PIT-Elliott Walker 15-53, Arruell Hawkins 2-43, Jo Jo Hearth 3-23, Fred Jacobs 15-21, Matt Cavanaugh 10-15, Rick Trocano 4-12, Gordon Jones 1-11, Steve Harris 1-1. CU-Steve Fuller 13-43, Ken Callicutt 7-32, Tracy Perry 4-22, Lester Brown 10-21, Dwight Clark 1-2, Willie Underwood 1-(minus 1).

Passing: PIT-Matt Cavanaugh 23-36-0, 387 yards, Jo Jo Heath 0-0-1, 0 yards. CU-Steve Fuller 10-23-4, 158 yards.

Receiving: PIT-Gordon Jones 10-163, Elliott Walker 6-121, Randy Reutershan 5-74, Willie Taylor 1-19, Fred Jacobs 1-10. CU-Jerry Butler 4-64, Rick Weddington 2-57, Anthony King 3-30, Harold Goggins 1-7.

December 29, 1978

Clemson vs. Ohio State

Clemson returned, hungry for redemption in a Gator Bowl game that few will ever forget. It was a games of firsts and lasts. The first for Clemson head coach Danny Ford, who had just taken over for the Florida-bound Charley Pell, and the last for storied Buckeye coach Woody Hayes. Behind scores from Steve Fuller and Cliff Austin, Clemson carried a 17-9 lead into the fourth quarter. Ohio State’s quarterback Art Schlichter scored his second touchdown of the night to bring the Buckeyes within two, but the two-point conversion failed. Ohio State threatened late but Schlichter was intercepted by Clemson linebacker Charlie Bauman, and this is where the action of the night began. Bauman who ended up near the Ohio State bench was struck with a jab by Coach Woody Hayes, affectionately ending his 35-year coaching career and the 34th Gator Bowl, in a 17-15 victory for the Tigers.


MVP: Steve Fuller (QB, Clemson), Art Schlichter (QB, Ohio State)

Coaches: Danny Ford (Clemson), Woody Hayes (Ohio State)

Total Payout: $775,500

Attendance: 72,011

Chairman: J.J. Daniel

Network: ABC

All-Americans: Jim Stuckey (DT, Clemson), Tom Cousineau (LB, Ohio State), Ken Fritz (OG, Ohio State)

Clemson-17      Ohio State-15

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Ohio State 0 9 0 6 15
Clemson 0 10 7 0 17

OSU-Bob Atha, 27-yd. field goal— CU-Steve Fuller, 4-yd. run (Obed Ariri kick)— OSU-Art Schlichter 4-yd. run (kick failed)— CU-Ariri, 47-yd. field goal — CU-Cliff Austin, 1-yd. run (Ariri kick)— OSU-Schlichter, 1-yd. run (run failed)

Clemson Ohio State
First Downs 16 20
Rushes/Yards 44/150 60/207
Passing Yards 205 103
Passes 16-20-1 9-20-0
Total Offense 355 330
Punts/Average 4-41.5 6-38.3
Fumbles/Lost 1-0 5-1
Penalties/Yards 7-83 7-65

Rushing: OSU-Art Schlichter 18-70, Ron Springs 10-42, Paul Campbell 11-26, Calvin Murray 2-8, Ricky Johnson 1-2, Ric Volley 2-2. CU-Warren Ratchford 10-54, Tracy Perry 14-54, Steve Fuller 17-38, Marvin Sims 8-34, Lester Brown 6-16, Cliff Austin 3-11, Harold Goggins 2-0

Passing: OSU-Art Schlichter 16-20-1, 205 yards. CU-Steve Fuller 9-20-0, 123 yards.

Receiving: OSU-Doug Donley 3-44, Rod Gerald 3-33, Ron Barwig 2-51, Chuck Hunter 2-49, Paul Campbell 2-17, Calvin Murray 2-16, Ron Springs 2-(minus 5). CU-Jerry Butler 4-44, Perry Tuttle 3-41, Dwight Clark 1-28, Warren Ratchford 1-10.

December 29, 1979

North Carolina vs. Michigan

New to the Gator Bowl, the Michigan Wolverines came in a strong favorite over basketball powerhouse North Carolina. The Wolverines, who had lost 7 of their last 11 bowl games, snuck away with a 9-7 halftime lead. The lead would come at a heavy price, however. Michigan’s starting quarterback John Wrangler, and All-Conference linebacker Trgovac both left the game with knee injuries. The Tar Heels used this to their advantage pulling away with a 17-9 lead in the dwindling minutes, behind Mike Kupec and Amos Lawrence’s one-two punch. Replacement quarterback B.J. Dickey made things interesting late pulling Michigan within two on a 30-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Carter, for Carter’s second touchdown of the night. Dickey and Carter failed to connect on a two-point conversion as time expired, giving the Tar Heels a mere 17-15 win.


MVP: Amos Lawrence (RB, North Carolina), Anthony Carter (WR, Michigan), John Wrangler (QB, Michigan)

Coaches: Dick Crum (North Carolina), Glenn “Bo” Schembechler (Michigan)

Total Payout: $812,675

Attendance: 70,407

Chairman: Tommy Gay

Network: ABC

All-Americans: Lawrence Taylor (LB, North Carolina), Anthony Carter (WR, Michigan), Curtis Greer (DT, Michigan), Rob Simpkins (LB, Michigan)

North Carolina-17      Michigan-15

Team Name 1 2 3 4 Total
Michigan 0 9 0 6 15
North Carolina 0 7 7 3 17

MICH-Bryan Virgil, 20-yd. field goal— MICH-Anthony Carter, 53-yd. pass from John Wangler (kick failed) — UNC-Doug Paschal, 1-yd. run (Jeff Hayes kick) — UNC-Phil Farris, 12-yd. run (Jeff Hayes kick)—UNC-Hayes, 32-yd. field goal— MICH-Carter, 30-yd. pass from B.J. Dickey (pass failed)

Michigan North Carolina
First Downs 18 20
Rushes/Yards 45/152 51-169
Passing Yards 328 161
Passes 17-26-2 19-28-0
Total Offense 480 330
Punts/Average 6-35.1 6-45.4
Fumbles/Lost 2-2 3-2
Penalties/Yards 8-87 6-74

Rushing: MICH-Buth Woolfolk 16-63, Roosevelt Smith 8-51, B.J. Dickey 11-42, Stan Edwards 4-15, Mike Cade 1-3, John Wangler 2-(minus 22). UNC-Amos Lawrence 23-118, Doug Paschal 14- 49, Billy Johnson 3-8, Kelvin Bryant 2-3, Matt Kupec 9-(minus 9).

Passing: MICH-D.J. Dickey 11-18-2, 125 yards, John Wangler 6-8-0, 203 yards. UNC-Matt Kupec 18-28-0, 161 yards.

Receiving: MICH-Butch Woolfolk 5-43, Anthony Carter 4-141, Doug Marsh 3-46, Norm Betts 3-41, Ralph Clayton 1-50, Mike Cade 1-7. UNC-Amos Lawrence 5-38, Mike Chatham 5-37, Phil Farris 2-34, Jeff Gray 2-28, Wayne Tucker 2-22, Doug Paschal 1-2.